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From welders to road workers and any other profession that demands the utmost safety considerations, Southern Supply & Safety has the products you need. We’re the region’s premier provider of safety equipment and welding supplies, alongside road work signage, specialty equipment and so much more. Let us help you get the supplies you need to stay safe on the job. We also take special order requests!

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Our Mission is to Support Workers

Every worker should step onto their jobsite and into their role fully prepared for the work ahead. This means wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and holding the right tools. At Southern Supply & Safety, it’s our mission to support workers however we can in this regard.

We’ve established ourselves firmly as the go-to supplier of tools and equipment, as well as the area’s most knowledgeable PPE store in Panama City, FL.
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Your Complete Resource for Safety Equipment and Supplies

Our scope of expertise spans a broad range of industries. We understand the unique needs of working professionals in construction, welding, road work, fabrication and numerous other sectors. This knowledge is reflected not only in our huge inventory of products, but also in our staff expertise. We can talk to you at your level because we understand the job you do! This means hearing your concerns and meeting your expectations with products that are right for the job. And, if we don’t have what you need, we’ll order it for you fast.

  • No other supplier comes close to the depth of inventory we have to offer! Our customers keep coming back to us because we’ve got exactly what they’re looking for.
  • In addition to general supplies and safety products, we’ve also got access to a huge specialty tools selection and intricate knowledge of these products.
  • Need something we don’t have readily available in stock? We’ll gladly order it for you! We frequently place special orders for our customers.
  • Our business is family-owned and -operated. We take pride in delivering top-notch customer service, backed by family values.
  • We serve customers in a broad range of industries, from construction, to janitorial, to the trades and beyond.

Customers keep coming back to us for safety supply in Panama City, FL because we put satisfaction first. We know there’s no room for error when it comes to safety equipment and no reason to compromise on the quality of tools and supplies. We stand for the best because we believe you deserve it. Let us prove it to you and make sure you’re outfitted for any job you’re planning to do.

Protect Yourself the Right Way

Make sure you’re always safe on the job and able to do your best work!

Contact Southern Supply & Safety today to learn more about the products we carry or to place a special order for gear.

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